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    Freshwater Aquarium Distribution

    Art & Science for All, Inc. ("ASA") is a distributor that caters to the freshwater aquarium industry. The products we carry include, but are not limited to, aquascaping tools, equipment, water conditioners, and foods.

    Art & Science for All, Inc.
    6303 Owensmouth Avenue Floor 10
    Woodland Hills, California 91367-2272

    Featured Aquarium Brands

    Saga Brand Spotlight

    Saga manufacturers myriad freshwater aquarium products. Whether you are looking for ceramic aquarium decoration, elegant and simple thermometers, or CO2 diffusers, Saga has it all.

    MK-BREED Brand Spotlight

    The MK-Breed product line is designed specifically for Caridina cantonensis (also known as Crystal Shrimp, Crystal Bee Shrimp and Taiwan Bee Shrimp). Made by professional shrimp keepers for shrimp keepers, the products address the entire life cycle of these sensitive shrimp, from the critical step of tank setup (Nitrogen Cycling) to feeding and routine maintenance.

    SubstrateSource Brand Spotlight

    SubstrateSource aquarium substrates and tools are must haves for aquarium hobbyists. Substrates come in assorted colors and sizes to satisfy the needs of any customer. Stainless steel tools are designed specifically for aquarium use and come in full kits or loose units.


    MK-BREED Official USA Distributor Logo
    MK-BREED Z-Silver Powder Spotlight

    News & Updates

    April 6    It's official! Art & Science For All, Inc. is now the U.S. distributor for MK-BREED. New to MK-BREED? Contact your sales representative for more information about the Retailer Starter Pack.

    April 3    Marfied Controsoil is now available.

    March 28    Plants now available! Farm fresh, pest free, and low-maintenance addition to your store.

    March 27    Welcome to the new Our ordering system has been completely rebuilt to provide you with faster processing and checkout.

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