MK-Breed Golden Powder Aquarium Water Conditioner (Microbe Fortifier) for Crystal Bee Shrimp

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Caridina cantonensis, Crystal Shrimp or Crystal Bee Shrimp, are freshwater dwarf shrimp that are extremely sensitive to water conditions. They require very specific water parameters to thrive, which is why using reverse osmosis ("RO") filtered water is highly recommended. While RO water is preferred because it is predictable and standardized, the downside is that minerals and other nutrients are lost during the filtration process. MK-BREED Golden Powder was developed to add back some nutrients and to promote microbial growth in your aquarium. 

Aquarium microbes facilitate the breakdown of the Nitrogen waste, clarify water, and even function as a food source for shrimp. MK-BREED Golden Powder also includes immune boosting bacteria and ingredients such vitamins that will assist in shrimp molting and overall shrimp health. By maintaining the microbes in your aquarium ecosystem, you give your shrimp the best possibility to thrive. 

The key ingredients of MK-BREED Golden Powder are lactic acid bacteria, Bacillus subtilis/grass bacillus, chitin, vitamins, minerals, yeast, and amino acids.\

MSRP $23.00